Thursday, January 16, 2014

On my own, with all of my falls.

Someday I'll share this place with someone who understands.

Share the feeling of life and freedom.
The crashing of the water that drowns out doubt and erases pain.

The magic pouring over the rocks.
Constant flow of life continuing.
But when I'm here,
the earth waits.

A pause in time.
A chance to stop, look, listen.

Nature at it's finest.

Someday I will meet someone here,
on the other side of chaos.

They will understand that this is my peace.
And they will consider it the same.

If time shall pass with no visitors in sight,
I will still,
meet myself here.

And I will know I'm exactly where I'm meant to be
with the only person who can understand.

I'll hold my shadows hand as we climb
to (new) stones,
different angles,
new discoveries.

We'll see this place, so familiar,
with new appreciations.

For neither I, nor my shadow,
will look behind waiting
for someone else to catch up.

We will be enough.

No other explanation will be needed.
No words to be spoken.

Just a deep breath of relief.

On my own,
will all of my falls.


(written 9/18/13 at Shohola Falls, PA)

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