Thursday, August 16, 2012

There are some things you need to know...

...all of which I've already told you. This time I'm gonna let go.

I have to accept my life and where it is or I'll never be happy. This whole searching for where I belong is getting old. I belong where ever the wind takes me. I will always hold my sense of home in my heart so I'll never really be lonely. I know I've said it before but it's time to start doing the things I want to do and stop wondering when my life will start. I am a singer and a writer and that's what I'm gonna do. Maybe not every day of my life but I need to finally embrace it. This is where it truly starts.

No more waiting and wondering. I don't need to search for answers or rely on anyone else to tell me where I need to be. I am what I am, where ever I am. Maybe someday I'll be hit in the face by an opportunity that I really can't pass up but until then I'm going to make my own opportunities. No more excuses, no more fear. This passion inside of me has been clawing its way out for years and I'm not holding back anymore.

A life adjustment will not be easy but my life has not been "easy" for about 11 years. I've fought and dealt with what's hard and unbearable. I can, and have, overcome obstacles that are out of my control so there's no reason why I can't overcome my own self sabotage. Someday we all have to pick ourselves up and realize that there's no one to blame. Life happens every day and although we can't change other people or certain events in our lives, we only control ourselves.

We are none without our flaws.

We each have our own hour glass.
At some point you need to stop being lazy
And realize this life is yours to waste.
A visit into your former life can be comforting
But the fulfillment is only temporary.
No matter where you are,
Your inner demons will follow.
You can never get rid of them.
Befriend them and let them carry you into the future
Don't let them hold you back in the past.

The forest is thicker here--more room for things to hide.
But I will not stay lost.
As long as I'm trying,
I'll survive.