Saturday, May 5, 2012

I want to be happy everyday.

Simple words for what seems like an impossible wish.
But still they are words to live by.

How can I let myself be happy?

Is it the right career?
The right home?
The right relationship?
Or the right me?

Maybe a combination of all but most importantly the latter.

I need to be me.

The me that I've always been AND the me that I CAN be.

I've always see it in the bigger picture.
It's the details I have yet to work out.

I no longer feel like it's the decisions I have to make.
I know I have choices and options.
Each scenario can lead to happiness.
While some may lead to a higher level of happiness,
I know that no matter what I can be just simply happy.

So why am I still afraid to make a move?

Truth is that I've been working on my dreams and goals my entire life.

Some years I make more progress than others.
Some years I stay still.
Some years I fall behind.
But I'm still living, still going.

Many options and different paths-- all lead to a "right now."

And right now,
I choose happiness.