Thursday, October 10, 2013

Unpredictable Mother Nature

And then there was a rumble and the rain started down. 

No one else saw it coming but her.

It's not even dark out.

The sun hides behind the hazy clouds 

And a single bird still sings it's song.

But the rain continues it's path.

Slow and steady.

She prayed now, more then ever, for a 

ferocious storm.

Let it all out until there's nothing left.

Except the soggy ground to walk barefoot upon.

As the cars pass slapping their tires around,

It lingers on.

Reminding her that prayers are only answered if made with the best intentions.

Or not at all. 

(Who knows?)

You can't always get what you tell yourself you want.

But painfully it goes on once you realize it's what you need.

And then it too fades away, 

moving across the hemisphere.