Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Needed: Life tool box, with ducktape.

Right now, this queen of avoidance would give anything to fix a problem of her heart.
How do I fight for something while I'm still waiting to figure out what it is?

My honesty has failed me so many times in the past but I can't help to just be real. 
I don't know how to hold back. 
A quality of admiration in others is my curse.

Maybe if I am more honest with myself it would break the spell.
But the fantasy clouds I escape to are a part of the spell.
Those clouds, my only comfort.

I know that I should take care of myself first but that's not something I think I'll ever learn how to do.
I'm a creature of habit who has only ever been able to focus my energy on worrying. 

Without my strongest flaw I would be more lost than confused.

Either way, it's hard to find direction without a map or compass.

1 comment:

  1. Follow your heart, my friend. Follow your heart. It may not be the safest path, but will ultimately have the best rewards and least regrets.